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Member Associations - 4 Apr 2020

SIPOS: Table Tennis is the strongest virus ever

Rares SIPOS is in Cluj Napoca in Romania. Like so many athletes he is in home isolation.


“Basically I have a really light routine; I exercise in front of my home or in home, ride the bike and playing games with my friends.


There is a bright side of the isolation.


“On one side, I am happy because I never get a chance to spend time with my family so much so now that we are all home I will take advantage of this. I will use the time properly, playing games with my sister, talking to parents. On the other side, I miss a lot the competition and the proper practice because this is my job. Of course that I am sad that this virus is stopping all the athletes around the world to follow their programme and do what they love the most.”


Netflix is one of the interests now.


“I am watching a lot of series on Netflix as well and I am afraid that soon I will finish all the good movies what I can watch, because I almost saw them all. As a kid I used to read a lot because my mom was pushing me to do it, but now I never read anything long time, I prefer to exercise or do whatever else but not reading,” said SIPOS laughing.


What about hobbies?


“Unfortunately, about my hobbies there is nothing to say, because all of my hobbies are around sports, spending time with friends and socializing. But for the sake of everyone else, I and everybody else should stay at home because the longer we are not respecting the rules, the longer the virus will last.”


And a message to all table tennis fans around the world:


“Stay home and be safe. We will get over it and we will all have the joy to play again. Table Tennis is the strongest virus ever: no one can stop us the passion for this sport! ”

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