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Member Associations - 27 Mar 2020

Sarah DE NUTTE is busy around the house

“At the moment I am not practicing any table tennis. I came back from Oman on Sunday and after that I wanted to take a small break. Maybe five days or a week off from table tennis, as I played a lot of tournaments in the last weeks and travelled a lot. So at the moment I am only doing physical practice. I was running twice this week and did some strength exercises at home. But I do not really have a lot of equipment, so I am using what I have,” said DE NUTTE.


Still, there is a solution for table tennis after the break:


“We have a table tennis table with a robot here in my parents’ home, and I will probably use that in the next few days. I also use this time to work in and around the house.”


Sarah recommended few movies:


“I recently watched The Theory of Everything. I think it is very good one, about Stephen Hawking. Also I liked The Art of Racing in the Rain. Very nice as well.”

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