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Other Events - 11 Mar 2020

Romania leaves Varazdin with 6 medals

European Under 21 Championships


Romania is the most successful country at the European Under 21 Championships, concluded last Sunday in the Croatian city of Varazdin, as they won six medals: two in each colour. Romania’s player Cristian PLETEA has been unique player with two gold, which he secured in Men’s Doubles (with Rares SIPOS) and Mixed Doubles (with Adina DIACONU).


France is first behind Romania, with five medals (2, 1, 2), while its representative Nolwenn FORT won two – one in each of two events, Women’s Doubles (gold, with Leili MOSTAFAVI) and Mixed Doubles (silver, with Bastien REMBERT).


Main prizes went to Russia and France, as Vladimir SIDORENKO and Prithika PAVADE are crowned champions in singles events.


Players, final standings: Cristian PLETEA (Romania) 2-0-0, Nolwenn Fort (France) 1-1-0, Rares SIPOS (Romania) 1-1-0, Adina DIACONU (Romania) 1-0-2, Leili MOSTAVAVI (France) 1-0-1, Vladimir SIDORENKO (Russia) 1-0-0, Pritikha PAVADE (France) 1-0-0, Andrei PUTUNTICA (Moldova) 0-1-1, Andrea DRAGOMAN (Romania) 0-1-1…


National Teams, final standings: Romania 2-2-2, France 2-1-2, Russia 1-1-0, Moldova 0-1-1, Czech Republic 0-1-0, Belgium 0-0-3, Poland 0-0-1, Sweden 0-0-1.

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