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Member Associations - 29 Mar 2020

PITCHFORD: I started to try yoga

Liam PITCHFORD is in Nottingham at home.


“I am spending my time as wisely as I can now that we are on complete lockdown, trying to stay on top of my physical and mental health as good as possible,” said Liam.


How you keep your shape in special conditions?


“I try to run a lot, we are allowed out once per day for exercise outside of the home so it’s nice to get out in the forest and run but I also have some equipment at home for exercise so I try to follow my physical programme as well as I can with the limitations. “


Have you discover some new routines, hobbies…


“I started to try yoga a few days ago I think it can be a good way to keep the mind and body fresh and in sync with each other. But other than that I try to continue how I normally would.”


What is you recommendation for book, tv series, movie for home isolation?


“I’m a massive Game of Thrones fan so I would have to say watch that but I also like to play video games so I spend some time doing more of that now.”


Message for the fans…


“I hope that everybody is keeping well and staying safe. We can get through this together and we will be back training and competing again soon!”


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