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PISTEJ and JURKOVA champions in Slovakia

Photo: Courtesy ITTF

National Championships of Slovakia


Last weekend the Slovak National Championships in Senior and Under 21 categories have taken place at the National Table Tennis Centre in Bratislava. Almost 200 players from local and clubs from abroad have participated at the tournament that has lasted for three days.


From the Slovak top players, the tournament was missed out only by Barbora BALÁŽOVÁ due to her ongoing ankle injury and also by Slovak number one in men category WANG Yang. Albeit he arrived to Bratislava, just before the start of the event he got ill and he has been lying down in bed in his hotel room for three days.


Most of the matches played were very close and almost 300 spectators must have been satisfied with the performance and effort of the players. Ľubomír PIŠTEJ won his 8th title of the National Champion. He played a very tough and exciting game in the finals against Peter ŠEREDA.


The final match was full of comebacks from both sides and PIŠTEJ had to turn away several match points of his opponent. ŠEREDA has already retired from the Slovak national team and currently he is also active as the assistant coach of the women ‘s national team. Nevertheless, as a player he still keeps his game and he remains number three in Slovak ranking.


In singles in women category the gold medal went to Eva JURKOVÁ, although the final was a very tight against very talented young player Ema LABOŠOVÁ. The biggest upset was the loss of the Slovak number two Tatiana KUKUĽKOVÁ. She unexpectedly lost to Simona HORVÁTHOVÁ in quarterfinals by 4:2. In Singles in Under 21 categories the national titles went to Jakub ZELINKA and to another surprise of the tournament Nikoleta PUCHOVANOVÁ. 


Men Singles

Semifinals: PIŠTEJ – GUMÁŇ 4:3, ŠEREDA – KALUŽNÝ 4:3

Finals: PIŠTEJ – ŠEREDA 4:3


Women Singles




Men Doubles winner: GUMÁŇ /ZELINKA

Women Doubles winner: PUCHOVANOVÁ / KUKUĽKOVÁ

Mixed Doubles winner: PIŠTEJ / KUKUĽKOVÁ

Men Singles U21 winner: ZELINKA

Women Singles U21 winner: PUCHOVANOVÁ


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