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Harry Potter vs. isolation solitude for SIDORENKO

Russia’s Vladimir SIDORENKO was on duty at the European Under 21 Championships in Varazdin, before he was forced to make a break like all of us. We found him in his home in Saint Petersburg.


“I’m fine. Because of this situation, since I cannot go to Germany, I am at home in Saint Petersburg. Now I’m trying to have focus on my physically conditions, trying to do something with the school, and of course to stay more at home cause outside now is dangerous.

I can’t go to the cinema or my school, so I have to study by Skype with my teachers and it’s something I am not used to... I can not going anywhere by subway, cause my father says that it’s really dangerous,” said SIDORENKO.


Moscow, St. Petersburg and a few other cities have adopted strict anti-coronavirus measures and Russian government is considering to imposing it across the entire country.


“I have many hobbies, I read a lot and watch serials on Netflix, or just study because in the summer I have to pass my last exams,” SIDORENKO explained how he spend the time in isolation. “I like to watch Pirates of the Caribbean Sea, Harry Potter( all series) Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Hangover, 13 Reasons Why, Elite.”






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