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Member Associations - 26 Mar 2020

FREITAS: We have to learn to behave better

Marcos FREITAS is in Portugal and he is in quarantine which was required after his trip.


“I am in Madeira and so far the situation is not critical. However, after I landed I have been told to stay 14 day in isolation and I am following the orders. I have travelled a lot in past two weeks and passed several international airports, so it is the right thing to do. I am at home, did not even see my parents yet, because I do not want to put them in danger. I am in apartment alone, “ said FREITAS.


Since Marcos cannot leave home he has to find the way to stay in shape in new circumstances.


“I try to make some routine, to wake up early, eat well and do some exercise in home conditions. After quarantine I will have to find a way to get back in shape and play.”


However, FREITAS is still looking at the bright side.


“Right now, the only good thing out of this is to learn from this situation and to start to behave better and treat well our Mother Earth.”


Any recommendation for the movie:


“Contagion. Which is kind a right for this situation.”


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