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Other Events - 22 Mar 2020

Dimitrij OVTCHAROV: Be patient

As most of the players Germany’s Dimitrij OVTCHAROV is spending his days with the family.


“At the moment we stay at home all the time. I am happy to have a small garden where we are playing with our daughter. We try to be outside on our property as much as we can as long as the weather is fine. We also play some games like Uno. At least i can spend a lot of quality time with my famliy which normally is not the case because of travelling from one competition to another,” said OVTCHAROV.


However, table tennis is never out of the picture:


“At the moment I am staying with my famliy at my parents house. My dad has a double garage which is repurposed as a small traings hall. As my dad was also a professional player back in the days I am practicing with him two times a day, often with multi ball training. Besides I also go out running and make fitness training as well.”


New routines/hobbies:


“As I am still practicing at least 2 times with my dad and doing other basic stuff, there is not really time to discover completely new things. I just stick to my normal routine except travelling at the moment.”


When it comes to movies…better to stick with serial.


“I am a big movie lover, but as I am living together with my wife who likes other movies then me it's not always easy to find the right movie for the both of us. As we are now staying with my parents it is even harder to find the right thing so it is more likely a group decision at the moment. One of the latest series we watched was Messiah, which was actually pretty good. Take a look!”


Dima has a message to all:


“Please listen to the advice and stay at home, even if this is hard from time to time. The more you take care the earlier it will get better and we all can play table tennis again. Stay safe and be patient.”


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