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The odds are on Budaörs in Women’s Extraliga Final Four

SH-ITB BUDAÖRSI 2I SC –Farewell To The Sponsor With A Gold


In Women’s Extra liga Final Four in Hungary, Budaörs seems to be the club the most likely to win the competition. Moreover, the players of the national team could start to train earlier. Among them is Szandra PERGEL, who will move to France in the summer, leaving Budaörs after 11 years.


“It is rare that someone spends so much time in the team,” praised Gergely SOMLYÓ, the president of Budaörsi SC, the left-handed excellence. “Our former main sponsor, 2i Kft. And Pál Németh will leave after more than thirty years, we would like to say goodbye to him with a championship title. We would be moving forward from this difficult financial situation we have been in a recent months and we definitely want to win our fourth championship title.”


Gergely SOMLYÓ admitted that because of the reasons mentioned before, there is a great pressure on them, and because of the shorter game system, so a lot can depend on the entry list and on which team can start the match better.


“My appreciation to MOATSZ for allowing us to decide the season again at the tables, and my appreciation as well as to everyone who contributed to the live television broadcast of the Final Four” added the President of Budaörs.


ERDÉRT – The Experience Is On The Adversary’s Side


The biggest “enemy” for Szandra PERGEL’S team will be Erdért, which only lost one point against Budaörs in the shortened regular season, on a match that seemed to be already won.


„Since the Hungarian championship, four months ago, we did not have a competition,” stated Zoltán GÁRDONYI, the president of the club. “This is a disadvantage on everyone’s side, of course, but these situations are better for the more experienced and older players, and Budaörs is better when we talk about experience.”


The leader of the club, who also works as a coach thinks that it would be better and more realistic if all single matches would be played in the Final Four, but they won against Statisztika to 6:0 and then to 6:1 in the regular season, so in the semi-final they cannot really have a problem. He is 99% sure about the Erdért-Budaörs final but not so much about what could happen there…


“We closed the Hungarian championship as the most successful team. Until March everyone was in such good shape that if there was not that four-month break, I would say sixty to forty percent in our favour. But now I would rather give Budaörs a sixty percent chance of winning because of the reasons already mentioned.”




It is the first time that Kecskemét can participate in the competition of the Final Four, but they are not fully satisfied only with that.


“Last September, seeing the power of the teams, we were hoping that we can get into the best four teams, especially with the Serbian Aleksandra RADONJIC joining our team,” declared Tibor ÚJHIDY, the president of the club. “For some time now, we have been preparing in our own hall, the girls are very dedicated, and I was surprised how quickly they could get back in shape after such a long break. As we finished third in the regular season, and we could beat Statisztika twice, the third place is a must for us. Pro forma we will play against them for the third place, but the rules are supporting the weaker teams, and if we win in the semi-final the doubles against Budaörs, and RADONJIC or the others can win a match then on the other side the players could get anxious and out of focus, therefore commit a mistake.”


STATISZTIKA PSC I. – With both, rookies and aged players in the team


The club with great history is competing with underage players in the adult championship since years now, therefore they can play freely, without pressure. There can be no complaint about the preparation before the Final Four at the team of Stat.


“Helga DARI and Anna FEJŐS have been training with the national team since one and a half week now, Zoli BÁTORFI was really nice as he took them there, which is a great help,” explicated it István FÜLÖP, the head coach of Statisztika. “The rookie-aged Kendra MOLNÁR is training with the youth national team, so everything is totally alright. We have a chance to surprise Kecskemét. We are talking about a more experienced team, consisting of stronger players with the Serbian RADONJIC and Kata FÜLES who is dangerous against anyone, but the system of playing until the fourth won match can give us hope.”


The leaders of Statisztika are counting with Kendra MOLNÁR, the talented niece of Georgina Póta, at the Final Four, on a management point of view as well. Her game can also be an interesting element of the event held at the end of June.



28th June, Sunday


Women semi-finals:

SH-ITB Budaörs 2i SC–Kecskeméti Spartacus Sportkör és Közösségi Tér

Budapesti Erdért SE–Statisztika PSC I.


Men semi-finals:

PTE PEAC Kalo-Méh I.–HED-LAND Sportcsarnok SE Mezőberény

CVSE Swietelsky Jufa Hotels I.–Szerva ASE Szécsény I.

29th June, Monday


Women final and match for the third place


Men final and match for the third place

Each match of the Final Four ends with the fourth won set of one team, so the end result can be either 4:0, 4:1, 4:2 and 4:3. The last round of the single matches will not be held, so after the doubles each player will play a maximum of two matches.

In addition to the glory and medals, the participating teams can also compete for a prestigious prize money.


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