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Champions League Women - 19 Jun 2020

GIRBAU VIC TT confirmed their place in next season’s Champions League

Photo: Alvaro DIAZ

GIRBAU VIC TT lost to TT Saint Quentinois in the quarterfinal of the European Champions League Women and they concluded the Spanish league on second position. Now, after long wait they got the green light to start with trainings.


“Barcelona progressed to phase two from Monday and we are able to work again. We will play in the Champions league next season and the start of the national league is still under question mark. If we do not start on October 17th , then the League will commence in January next year,” explained Gabriela FEHER.


FEHER had a knee surgery and just started to recover before lock down.


“This year I have played for just two months. I was just back in the venue when the Pandemic started,” said FEHER.


In Spain El UCAM Cartagena TM is first followed by GIRBAU VIC TT.


“We ended the season when there were still about 5 games to be played. At the time of the suspension, Girbau Vic TT was ranked first with more points, but it was decided that by coefficient, UCAM Cartagena became the champion. The ATM, Club association, will ask the RFETM to review the decision and proclaim, exceptionally, two ex-aequo champions, UCAM Cartagena and Girbau Vic TT, as a probably fairer solution,” explained President Girbau Vic TT Enric ROCA.


Who will play in club next season?


“We will keep the team that was playing this season together,” said ROCA.


Last season in Champions league on club’s list were Sofia-Xuan ZHANG, Gabriella FEHER, Charlotte CAREY, Orsolya FEHER AGOTA, Claudia CAYMEL ROMERO, Silvia COLL SOLA, Raquel LARRUBIA NABAU and Noa MUNOZ VILA.

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