European Championships

ETTU and PZTS are optimistic that the Liebherr 2020 European Table Tennis Championships will be staged this September in Warsaw

European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) and Polish Table Tennis Federation (PZTS) are working closely together to deliver the Liebherr 2020 European Table Tennis Championships in Warsaw from 15th to 20th September.

Having closely monitored the changing situation across Europe in recent weeks, ETTU and PZTS are optimistic that the European table tennis family can meet in Warsaw to compete for the five singles and doubles titles.

With the support of partners and key stakeholders including ITTF, Sponsors, Polish Ministry of Sport and City of Warsaw, everything is being done to implement a Covid-19 health and safety protocol to ensure a safe and successful Championships.

ETTU President Ronald KRAMER said: "Only some weeks ago we were hesitant about the chance of the Liebherr 2020 European Championships being staged as originally scheduled. Now, I feel excited to be able to state that we are more than confident that thanks to the relentless efforts of our Polish friends the Championships will be staged as planned. Of course the practical circumstances will be different from usual, taking care of all COVID-19 health and safety advices. And we surely hope that all players qualified to participate will be able to properly prepare and come to play in Warsaw, after a very long period of unsolicited 'rest'."

PZTS President Dariusz SCHUMACHER said: "The Polish Table Tennis Association is honoured to organise the Liebherr 2020 European Table Tennis Championships. The current world situation has been demanding for all of us over recent months. We are aware of country regulations because of COVID-19. As the organiser of this historic and prestigious event we can guarantee the highest safety standards. The Polish Table Tennis Association is in constant contact with the Ministry of Sport of the Republic of Poland which supports our efforts to organise the event as it was planned from 15th to 20th September this year. We have been monitoring the situation very carefully over the last 3 months, and are now delighted to invite you all to Warsaw. We are working with ETTU colleagues to finalise the prospectus over the next two weeks. We are also finalising the event website - We look forward to welcoming the European table tennis family to Warsaw."


The prospectus will be finalised later this month.