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Member Associations - 29 Jun 2020

Budaörs is Hungarian champion after a thrilling final

Photo: Szilvi Hoffer


As in the semi-finals, there were no upsets in the women’s final of the Extraliga Final Four. Budaörs won by 4:1 in the final against Erdért, while Kecskemét triumphed by 4:2 against Statistics in the match for the bronze medal.


The duo of Mária FAZEKAS and Szandra PERGEL confidently won the final doubles match, whilst Szabina SURJÁN also won by 3:0 against Leila IMRE, bringing a 2:0 lead for Budaörs.


“We have played once in Kecskemét and I really felt her game, so I am glad I could start against her now. In the second set, I was at a disadvantage of 7:2, but then I started to hit drives and hit the ball harder, and I kept saying to myself that I have to win” confessed Szabina SURJÁN.


Krisztina AMBRUS brought hopes back to Erdért with her 3:1 success against Szandra Pergel.


“The start was hard for me as I did not play doubles and I was not at ‘operating temperature’ yet” Krisztina AMBRUS told M4 Sport. “From the second set, however, I could execute all those things that I could not in the first set, I finally managed to play according to the tactics planned before.”


Petra LOVAS won smoothly against Tímea VARGA, so the opportunity to finish the gold battle was in the hands of PERGEL, who will start the next season in his new French club team. She did that against Imre.


“It was in the cards that we might have a lost game, as it is difficult to win by 4:0, plus Krisztina AMBRUS feels my game very well. I was hoping that my defeat would not matter because the others were in very good shape and they did everything they could to win. It was a real ‘Hollywood’ ending, me playing the last match once again after eleven years since the last time” expressed Szandra PERGEL, who will leave Budaörs after more than a decade.


After 2011, 2013 and 2015, Budaörs won the fights of the first league of the Hungarian championship for the fourth time, and Erdért, after last year's and the previous year's bronze medal, achieved the best result in its history with this silver.


The bronze medal landed on the chest of the players of Kecskemét, who proved to be better by 4:2 than of the host team of Statisztika, consisting of young players. In Szpari, Kata FÜLE did not lose a game in the two single matches nor in her doubles in the bronze match, and Helga DARI’S performance can also be highlighted from the team of Statisztika, who won three of her four singles matches at the Final Four.





SH-ITB Budaörs 2i SC–Budapesti Erdért SE 4:1

Mária Fazekas, Szandra Pergel–Leila Imre, Tímea Varga 3:0 (6, 6, 6)

Szabina Surján–Imre 3:0 (10, 9, 7)

Pergel–Krisztina Ambrus 1:3 (6, –5, –7, –5)

Petra Lovas–Varga 3:0 (4, 5, 8)

Pergel–Imre 3:0 (5, 10, 9)



Kecskeméti Spartacus Sportkör és Közösségi Tér–Statisztika PSC I. 4:2

Kata Füle, Alekszandra Radonjics–Helga Dari, Anna Fejős 3:0 (8, 12, 10)

Radonjics–Fejős 3:2 (–4, 3, 5, –20, 7)

Drabant–Dari 0:3 (–8, –8, –7)

Füle–Kendra Molnár 3:0 (6, 4, 6)

Radonjics–Dari 1:3 (–9, 9, –6, –6)

Füle–Szilvia Czeglédi 3:0 (7, 11, 7)


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