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Champions League Women - 14 Jan 2020

Saint Quentinois’ complete success in Vic

Photo: David FAJULA

„The first match was crucial for Polina (MIKHAILOVA) and her teammates”, stated team manager of French team Jean-Louis POLARD after 3:0 win over Girbau-Vic in the 1st quarter-final leg of ECLW


French club Saint Quentinois is very close to its first ECLW semi-finals, after four quarter-finals in last five seasons. They beat Spanish team Girbau-Vic 3:0 (9:1) in the first away game, held last Friday, so everybody in the club are looking forward playing second leg in front of home fans, scheduled for February 16th.


"The away match for TT Saint-Quentin’s quarter final has been a complete success”, explained team manager of French team Jean-Louis POLARD. "Our hosts were ever so nice in Vic and our team victory was a relief. Coach Franck DELCAMBRE led the way with the same group B players: Canadian Mo ZHANG and Russians Polina MIKHAILOVA and Olga MIKHAYLOVA. The first match was crucial for Polina and her teammates. She was under pressure (5/9 in the first game and 8/10 in the second one) but fortunately she won both of them (11/9 and 12/10) and her success was confirmed by her compatriot in the third match. Olga lost the only game of the competition. Now French supporters are confident and are looking forward to seeing the home match on Sunday, February 16th in the sports hall of Saint-Quentin. Remember that TTSQ club has never reached ECLW semi-finals. "


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