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Olympic Games - 21 Jan 2020

18 tickets for Tokyo on offer in Gondomar

Photo: ITTF

2020 ITTF World Team Qualification tournament

After the 2020 ITTF World Team Qualification tournament, commencing in Gondomar on Wednesday the nine teams in Men’s and Women’s Team’s Event will book their place at the Tokyo Olympic Games this summer. The tournament ends on Sunday.


In Gondomar there are nine places available in each of the men’s team and women’s team events; additionally each successful team may further nominate two members to compete in the singles competitions. There is no place for error – it is knock-out system from the beginning. However, for most of the teams it will be enough to successfully conclude two rounds in order to secure their place in Japan. The quarter-finals, semi-finals and final will not be played.


In the women’s event is there are 30 teams, Hong Kong China and Chinese Taipei, the respective top two seeds, commence play in round two. They need just one encounter, one win and the passport is stamped.


In the men’s event there are 34 teams registered; thus an opening round comprising four outfits is required. Italy, the no.26 seeds, meet Malaysia, the no.34 seeds, the winners confronting Belgium, the no.12 seeds; Poland, the no.23 seeds, face Lithuania, the no.33 seeds, the successful team meeting Nigeria, the no.14 seeds.Notably for the winners of the latter exchanges, Chinese Taipei, the no.2 seeds, could await; in the opening round they meet Thailand, the no.28 seeds.


After three days of play on Friday 24th January, eight men’s teams and eight women’s team will have booked places in Tokyo. In each discipline the one further place will be determined on the concluding two days of play. The eight teams who were the losers in the round of the last 16 progress, progress to a knock-out event; the winners are Tokyo bound.


In each Event at the Olympic tournament will play 16 teams. So far seven same teams in Men’s and Women’s category already booked their place. Germany at the 2019 European Games, Egypt at the 2019 African Games, China at the 2019 ATTU Asian Championship, USA at the North America Qualification Event, Brazail at the Latin America Qualification Event, Australia at the Oceania Qualification Event and Japan as a host.




Men’s Team

Group 1: Korea Republic (1) v Russia (19); DPR Korea (31) v Czech Republic (16)

Group 2: Slovenia (11) v Iran (20); Luxembourg (32) v India (5)

Group 3: Great Britain (7) v Argentina (24); Greece (29) v Croatia (9)

Group 4: Belarus (15) v Hungary (17); Spain (25) v Sweden (3)

Group 5: France (4) v Denmark (22); Slovakia (18) v Romania (13)

Group 6: Belgium (12) v Italy (26) or Malaysia (34); Ukraine (21) v Portugal (8)

Group 7: Austria (6) v Serbia (27); Singapore (30) v Hong Kong China (10)

Group 8: Nigeria (14) v Poland (23) or Lithuania (33): Thailand (28) v Chinese Taipei (2)


Women’s Team

Group 1: Hong Kong China (1) v bye; Belarus (22) v Thailand (15)

Group 2: Spain (14) v Great Britain (25); Czech Republic (19) v Austria (6)

Group 3: Poland (8) v Nigeria (27); Belgium (24) v Ukraine (9)

Group 4: DPR Korea (10) v Malaysia (29); Lithuania (30) v Korea Republic (4)

Group 5: Singapore (3) v Luxembourg (20); Serbia (21) v Netherlands (11)

Group 6: Portugal (13) v Slovakia (26); Croatia (28) v Hungary (7)

Group 7: Romania (5) v Italy (23); India (17) v Sweden (16)

Group 8: Russia (12) v France (18); Chinese Taipei (2) v bye


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