Champions League Women

POLCANOVA: Every point counts

Photo: Rémy Gros ITTF

2019/20 European Champions League Women, quarter-finals, return leg (February 13-16)


There is very exciting European Champions League Women quarter-finals return leg on the schedule this weekend. Guests already did a god job by winning opening legs with only exception of Metz won 1st leg 3:2 only by narrow margin in France.


Linz AG Froschberg hosts Metz TT this weekend (Feb 16, 16:00) after Daniela MONTEIRO-DODEAN, Adina DIACONU, Carole GRUNDISCH and Pauline CHASSELIN overcame Austria’s side. It will be enormous task to repeat the success in Linz, especially since Sofia POLCANOVA, bronze medal winner at the recently finished Europe Top 16, already proved she is in splendid form in Montreux.


 “We are now running into the final phase of the season, every next set, game and match is now more important than the one before, we`ll give everything or more to win. This time we`ll have our A line up ready I hope,” said Sofia POLCANOVA.


Gunther RENNER: Linz president: “Preparations started, players seems to be in good shape, so we expect a nice game with full house at Sportpark Lissfeld.”


Robert RENNER, Linz head of marketing: “It will be probably like always, what we expect doesn’t become reality, so we shouldn`t make a detailed preview. We want to reach the semifinals, that`s our seasons minimum goal, if don’t succeed in that we must question our decisions. What we expect form our ladies is to be ready as a team from first point on, physically, mentally and with a positive spirit.”



TT Saint Quentinois will meet Girbau-Vic TT (Feb 16, 16CET). French side won 1st leg in straight matches.


"This is the fourth time in five seasons that we are through the ECLW quarter finals and this time could be the right one for TT Saint-Quentin. After the away victory (3/0) against Spanish team, Girbau-Vic TT, runner-up of the 2018 ETTU Cup, our coach Franck Delcambre would like to confirm the good result at home with his players, Canadian Mo Zhang and Russians Polina MIKHAILOVA and Olga MIKHAYLOVA. The opposition will be interesting with 3 or 4 good international players, including U21 Sofia-Xuan ZHANG and Orsolya FEHER. Yet TT Saint-Quentin will try to give a good show in front of the public. No French female team has ever reached the ECLW semi-finals and this season Metz and Saint-Quentin could fight for the final. It would be another first for French table tennis,” said TT Saint-Quentin Team Manager Jean-Louis POLARD.


TTC Berlin Eastside beat UCAM Cartagena TM in straight matches week ago (Feb 14, 18:30, CET).


“We just want to reach semifinal and for this we need to play good on Friday,” summarize Irina PALINA, Berlin coach


ECLW quarter final, leg 2


KTS Enea Siarka Tarnobrzeg – SKST Stavoimpex Hodonin (Feb 13, 18:00)

TTC Berlin Eastside - UCAM Cartagena TM (Feb 14, 18:30)

TT Saint Quentinois - Girbau-Vic TT (Feb 16, 16:00)

Linz AG Froschberg - Metz TT (Feb 16, 16:00)


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