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Hosts secured valuable advantage before the return leg of the Europe Cup

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Europe Cup

Hosts should have easier job in their return legs of the Europe Cup Men quarterfinal. The only exception is one match in Women’s Cup, whilst the rest in both events finished in favor guests one week ago.


In Men’s Europe Cup Solex-Consult Wiener Neustadt suffered by the hands of the SPG Walter Wels in four matches. On Saturday (17 CET) Frane KOJIĆ, KANG Dongsoo and Adam SZUDI will not need much to confirm their place in the semifinals. Day later (18 CET), Sporting Clube De Portugal will host CSS-SZAK Odorheiu Secuiesc with 3:1 advantage from the previous encounter. On Sunday (18 CET), Ping Pong Club Villeneuvois is in even better position after opening leg win against Benelux Group Taverzo. They won the opening encounter in straight matches.


In Women’s Europe Cup only ASKÖ LZ Linz Froschberg, as a host, beat TTC CarinthiaWinds Villach in the quarterfinal opening leg. They did it by narrow margin, but still they have advantage before the Saturday’s clash (15 CET). SH-ITB Budaörsi 2i SC will meet TMK-TAGMET Taganrog after they won 3:2 last week (Saturday, 17 CET) and on Sunday (17CET) Leka Enea Tenis de Mesa hosts G.D. do Centro Social do Juncal with 3:1 advantage from the opening leg.


Europe Cup Men quarterfinal return leg


Feb 15 17:00 CET      SPG Walter Wels - Solex-Consult Wiener Neustadt

Feb 16 18:00 CET      Sporting Clube De Portugal - CSS-SZAK Odorheiu Secuiesc

Feb 16 18:00 CET      Ping Pong Club Villeneuvois - Benelux Group Taverzo


Europe Cup Women quarterfinal return leg


Feb 15 15:00 CET      TTC CarinthiaWinds Villach - ASKÖ LZ Linz Froschberg

Feb 15 17:00 CET      SH-ITB Budaörsi 2i SC - TMK-TAGMET Taganrog

Feb 16 11:00 CET      Leka Enea Tenis de Mesa - G.D. do Centro Social do Juncal

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