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Member Associations - 25 Feb 2020

Adam SZUDI in pursuit for another title

Photo: ITTF

Mercedes-Benz Basketball Academy in Kecskemét will be the venue of the Hungarian National Championships. On 28th February U11, U12, U13 National Championships and U21 National Championships will take place, day later Senior National Championships  will be played, whilst on the first day of March players will fight for titles in Para National Championships


Last year title holder is Ádám SZUDI; 2nd was Nándor ECSEKI; 3rd János Bence MAJOROS and Phuong Nam DO. In Men Doubles: 1st Peter FAZEKAS, Laszló MAGYAR; 2nd Ádám SZUDI, Nándor ECSEKI; 3rd Oliver BOTH, Csaba ANDRÁS and Krisztian KATUS, Dániel LUNG.


Women Single: 1st Szandra PERGEL; 2nd Dóra MADARÁSZ; 3rd Bernadett BÁLINT and Tímea  PETERMAN-VARGA. Women Doubles: 1st Bernadett BÁLINT, Leila Erika IMRE; 2nd Leonie HARTBRICH, Orsolya Ágota FEHÉR; 3rd Krisztina AMBRUS, Tímea  PETERMAN-VARGA and Szandra PERGEL, Dóra MADARÁSZ


Mix Doubles: 1st Peter FAZEKAS, Tímea  PETERMAN-VARGA; 2nd Krisztián KATUS, Kata TOTH; 3rd Dániel LUNG, Leila Erika IMRE and Nándor ECSEKI, Dóra MADARASZ


Excepted number of the participants this is about  407 people overall. There will be 118 seniors, in the U21 will be 76 players, the U11, U12, U13 will be 142 and the para people will be 71.



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