Champions League Women

Linz is ready for the great matches in 50th anniversary year

European Champions League Women (from 3rd to 8th December)

Four times European Champions League Women champion, Germany's TTC Berlin eastside topping the seeding list at the forthcoming bubble format European Champions League Women to be held in Linz from 3rd to 8th December. Hosts, Austria's Linz AG Froschberg are second on the list composing 11 clubs in total. You can follow the matches live here .

In Austria will also play: French TT Saint-Quentinois and Metz TT, Spain’s UCAM Cartagena T.M, Czech Republic's SKST Stavoimpex Hodonin, French CP Lyssois Lille Métropole, Spain's Girbau-Vic TT, Austria's Carinthia Winds Villach, Hungary's SH-ITB Budaörsi Sport Club and Portugal's GDCS Do Juncal.

The draw will be held on 2nd December at 1400 CET in Linz. In the Group stage there will be two groups with four teams and one with three. All group winners will qualify for the semi-final, whilst runners up will proceed to play-off. In play-off round there will be one group of three clubs and the winner qualifies for the last place in the semi final.

“The COVID 19 Pandemic is an enormous challenge. We have to create a real bubble. We have rented a separate floor in our partner hotel Park Inn by Radisson for the players, coaches, referees and supervisors. Everyone eats in a separate room. Players are only allowed to leave the hotel with our shuttle service and cannot go into town for shopping. Only two people are allowed to sit in each row of seats in the BMW Höglinger shuttle buses. It's really challenging. The whole thing must be done in addition to the normal preparation with hall lighting, Gerflor floor, sound and more,” said LINZ AG Froschberg President Günther RENNER.

Have you overcame all the challenges?

“So far we have fulfilled everything. Now we are eagerly waiting for the draw on December 2nd. at 2 p.m. live on Then the games on December 3rd. begin. We hope for exciting and beautiful matches as part of our 50th anniversary.”


TTC Berlin eastside lead the elite in Linz.

"We will come with our three Top-players; Xiaona SHAN, Britt EERLAND and Nina MITTELHAM. As reserve we have Jessica GÖBEL on board. In Bundesliga we play this year with Play Off, from 7 teams 6 reach the Play-Offs. So we have actually have no focus to the Bundesliga and look only to reach the Play-Offs. From 1. January we hired 5 new players, then we will be in a good position to win again the German Championship and the German Cup," stated Team Manager Andreas HAIN.



Day 1 (3rd December) 1st round group stage 5 matches, 1 table 2 matches group A, 2 match group B, 1 match group C 5 time slots
Day 2 (4th December) 2nd round group stage 5 matches, 1 table  2 matches group A, 2 match group B, 1 match group C 5 time slots
Day 3 (5th December) 3rd round group stage 5 matches, 1 table  2 matches group A, 2 match group B, 1 match group C 5 time slots
Day 4 (6th December) Playoff round 3 matches, 1 table 3 matches play-off group 3 time slots
Day 5 (7th December) Semifinals 2 matches   2 time slots
Day 6 (8th December) Final 1 match   1 time slot