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Member Associations - 3 Apr 2020

LEBESSON: Do not forget to call your grandparents


Emmanuel LEBESSON is with his family in France, trying to get the best of unwanted break.


“Everything is ok now for me and my family! Around two weeks ago, I came back home now from Oman and I went directly to my house close to Paris. I am here with my wife, my son and my dog,” said LEBESSON.


French player needed some time to “recharge” the batteries after competitions.


“For six days I stayed at home to rest after two Opens in Qatar and Oman. After short break I restart physical practice because I have home trainer and treadmill also! With this and some fitness accessories I can keep my shape. However these days I have no solution to continue practice or just play some balls in the house. I will try in few days to find a solution to play at home.”


There is a good side of this too:


“I enjoy having more time with the family because this period, when we have normal situation, is used to be very busy. It should be Olympic year with qualifications and all world Tours and like a lot of players I should not have much time to stay with them and take time to make outside activities or society games! Now I m really happy I can spend quality time with the family.


What are you reading now?


“For 15 days until now, I must say that I read every day press about the virus and about the situation in all countries. Also, I recommend Designated Survivor on Netflix and I like this actor who makes the series 24h Chrono.”


In the hard times, LEBESSON reminded us:


“Stay at home and take care about your family and don’t forget to call lonely people like grandmother or grandfather for example! We don’t know a lot of thing about this virus but he will change something about our mentality! This I m sure.”




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