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Member Associations - 29 Apr 2020

From Monday trainings are on again

If everyone who is involved will test negative, the women’s national team can start the trainings again from the 4th of May.


Because of the coronavirus pandemic most of the table tennis players could only practice at home, following their personal training plan in the past few weeks. After all this, it is great news that from next Monday the Hungary women’s national team can start the trainings again in smaller groups. However, a condition must be met for this to happen.


“We had our tests today and there will be more testing on Sunday morning, just before the scheduled start of the trainings. If everyone tests negative, we can get it started” said Zoltán BÁTORFI, the head coach of the women’s national team, on Monday afternoon.


The National Sports Health Institute published a statement about how the trainings can be re-started.


“We will try to meet all points of the regulation, and to comply with all hygienic conditions. The players will be far enough from each other on the two ends of the table and we will also take care of the distance between the tables. Balls, which everyone uses, pose the greatest threat in this situation, this is why we will try to disinfect all the balls every day, and of course, we will also clean the hall.”


Those members of the national team who returned home to the countryside will not be involved in the trainings, yet. Dóra MADARÁSZ can train in Kecskemét with the help of a table tennis robot, Mercédesz NAGYVÁRADI can also maintain the basic level of fitness, Orsolya FEHÉR, who is in Transylvania would have to stay in quarantine if she would return now to Hungary.


“We will commence with a very small group, there will be four or five players in a training, “continued BÁTORFI.” We always try to find men training partners to our highest seeded players, but now it is not an option. Tired of quarantine, everyone really wants to train again, so there will be a lot of energy, I am sure about that. Then there will be setbacks, due to the fact that we do not know when our next competitions will be held. At this point we will have to solve the problem of maintaining motivation. It can also pose a problem that we usually work on a minimum of four or five tables, with at least ten players, partners can be changed regularly, this way the practices are not so monotone, but now we do not have other options”


This epidemic situation still allows only a limited workflow, but according to Zoltán BÁTORFI it also provides an opportunity to learn and practice new technical elements, for which in normal circumstances would not be enough time due to the tight calendar of the competitions.


However, the head coach considers the most important is that the trainings will be conducted under the relevant regulations of the National Sports Health Institute, the National Sports Centers and the Ministry of Human Resources.


It is also important to note that for the time being, the trainings can only be re-started in the women's national team, in the case of the youth national teams it is still necessary to wait.


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