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Development - 20 Sep 2019

ITTF invites 12 international coaches to Halmstad

High Level Coaching Course will be organised by the Swedish Table Tennis Association in partnership with the Halmstad University and the ITTF. The course will be held in Halmstad (SWE) in the period 6 - 11 December 2019.


As partner ITTF gains the possibility to invite 12 international coaches to the Course. In the wish of offering a fast-tracking educational opportunity and empirical experience of the highest level to active coaches from around the globe that with their daily work with already established and/or talented players are aiming for excellence, professionalism and overall success on global level, we are reaching out to the Continents with the following support/scholarship proposal:


The selection of the 12 coaches will be run via an online application process, with clear criteria and conditions, whereby


  • 6 coaches will be selected based on a universality principle, i.e. 1 per Continent, but considering high performance potential of the candidates as specified on p. 6 of the Prospectus (source of funding: Continental Development Program);
  • 6 coaches will be selected from the pool of experts that follow players active in the ITTF High Performance Programs.

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