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Champions League Women - 26 Sep 2019

GIRBAU-VIC TT 50th anniversary to be held at ECLW game

Photo: Photo: Antonio ALVAREZ

We present ECLW newcomers: GIRBAU-VIC TT (Spain)


Spanish club GIRBAU-VIC TT, one of European Champions League Women debutants, will celebrate its 50th anniversary during Group A Round 3 game against CP Lyssois Lille Métropole (October 25th, 19:00). Club’s President Enric ROCA announced that, speaking for our website. Our intention is to present all Champions League newcomers in both, TTCLM and ECLW. So, we start with GIRBAU-VIC TT…


When was the GIRBAU-VIC TT founded?

The club was founded in September 1969. Coinciding with the first European Champions League home match, on October 25 in Vic (Barcelona), against CP Lyssois Lille Métropole, the 50th anniversary will be celebrated. As an independent club, the Vic TT, was founded in September 1978 but as a section of the CB Vic, in September 1969.


Biggest achievements in the history?

Finalist of the ETTU Cup Women in 2007 and 2018, champion of the Spanish League in 1998, 2007 and 2018. Champion of the Queen's Cup in 2001, 2002, 2007, 2012, 2014 and 2018. From 1996 to 2014 as FOTOPRIX VIC TT and as of 2015, as GIRBAU VIC TT.

Among the people who were at the beginning of the Table Tennis federated in Vic we want to highlight, Jordi SERRA RIUS. And among the coaches who have been more years (30) in the first women's team, Miquel DURAN RIERA, both born in the city of VIC. The current head of the Champions team, Salvador SERRA, has also been in the club since its inception.


Notable players in the history?

In men, Joan CUSSO, ZHAO Qiang, Josep MA BLANCAFORT, Jordi BADIA, Jordi CARCELLER, Esteve HOMS, Jordi HOMS, Esteve TORRES, Dani PALAU and Eduard ESCAMILLA.

In women, Marta YLLA-CATALA, Maria SERRES, Mònica WEISZ, Montse WEISZ, XIE Jing, Detelina PETROVA, Roser VILA, Alba PRADES, Sara RAMIREZ, FU Yu, Carla NOUWEN, Ting-Ting WANG, Matilda EKHOLM, DONG Qian, Nadina RIERA, Wang ZHIPEI, Clàudia CAYMEL, Ana GARCIAand NI Xia Lian.


Current club organization (how many players, teams, coaches...)?

We have 72 players, 14 teams, 6 coaches and 4 sparrings, 10 training tables, 1 competition room, changing rooms, office and services.


Goal in the 2019/20 ECLW?

For the Girbau Vic TT, the possibility of participating in the European Champions League Women has been a prize. It is the first time in history that a team from Catalonia can participate in the first league of clubs in Europe.


Plan for the future, how do you see your club in the next 5, 10, 15 years ...?

The most positive part of the club's future is, on the one hand, the work that is being done with young people and on the other, the possibility of having an official sponsor, GIRBAU, a reference company founded in Vic (Barcelona) and with presence in many countries of the world. In recent years the Girbau Vic TT has been among the best clubs in Spain in the youth championships. There are currently two players from the club who are with the Spanish team participating in international competitions, such as Irina GIMENO FONT (2009) and Sílvia COLL SOLA (2006). Sílvia Coll is interned in the High Performance Center of Sant Cugat del Vallés (CAR). In the next 5 years it will be essential to consolidate a generational change that has already started some youth and families of club players.

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