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Member Associations - 23 Sep 2019

German Cup: Favourites extended to full distance

Photo: Courtesy Saarbrucken

Borussia, Saarbrucken and Ochsenhausen won their Round of 16 games 3:2


Favourites had a tough job in the German Cup Round of 16 games, but reached quarter-finals. Three title contenders won their matches after full five encounters: Borussia vs. Werder Bremen 3:2, Saarbrucken TT vs. TTC Zugbrücke Grenzau 3:2 and TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen vs. TTC Neu-Ulm 3:2. Two more clashes have been extended to full distance: TTC RhönSprudel Fulda-Maberzell vs. TSV Bad Königshofen 3:2 and TuS Celle vs. TV 1879 Hilpoltstein 3:2.


Post SV Mühlhausen beat SV SR Hohenstein-Ernstthal 3:1, while TTC Schwalbe Bergneustadt and ASV Grünwettersbach won their matches in straigh games against TTC indeland Jülich and TTC GW Bad Hamm respectively.


Saarbrucken was short two matches against Grenzau, but managed to turn the score. Darko JORGIC and Patrick FRANZISKA levelled tied at 2:2 after their individual wins, while Darko JORGIC/Tomas POLANSKY secured victory in the decisive, doubles clash against Anders LIND/Mihai BOBOCICA.


Borussia Dusseldorf, 11-time TTCLM winner, was in better situation after first two games against Werder. They led 2:0, as Sweden’s Anton KALLBERG beat his compatriot Mattias FALCK 3:2 and Timo BOLL overcame Kirill GERASSIMENKO 3:0, but green-white side levelled at 2:2, thanks to Hunor SZOCS (against Omar ASSAR 3:2) and Mattias FALCK (BOLL 3:0). The winner was decided between doubles, when Anton KALLBERG/Omar ASSAR prevailed against Hunor SZOCS/Kirill GERASSIMENKO 3:0.


Tiago APOLONIA managed to defeat two strong Ochsenhausen’s players, Stefan FEGERL and Hugo CALDERANO, but it wasn’t enough to secure victory for TTC Neu-Ulm.


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