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European Championships - 22 Sep 2019

France, Germany and Turkey teams secured three gold each

Photo: ITTF

ITTF European Para Championships 2019 in Helsingborg


The ITTF European Para Championships 2019 held this week in Helsingborg is finish. More than 300 players from 33 countries fought for the medals in Singles and Tem’s Events. In the second part, in Team’s Event France, Germany and Turkey won three gold medals each; Poland and France won seven overall.


In Men’s Teams Classes 1-2 France won gold. Fabien LAMIRAULT and Stephane MOLLIENS overcame Boris STOILJKOVIC and Goran PERLIC in the final. Poland and Spain clinched bronze medals.


In Men’s Teams Class 3 Thomas SCHMIDBERGER and Thomas BRUCHLE from Germany overcame Florian MERRIEN and Sylvain NOEL of France. Sweden and Ukraine won bronze.


In Men’s Team’s Class 4 Turkey, Poland and Slovakia won top 3 places.


In Men’s Teams Class 5 Turkey’s Hamza CALISKAN and Ali OZTURK overcame Alexandre DELARQUE and Nicolas SAVANT-AIRA in the match for gold. Norway and Germany also reached the medal rostrum at position no. three.


In Men’s Teams Class 6 British duo Paul Arif KARABARDAK and David Paul WETHERILL succceded to the gold. They overcame Marios Kanellis CHATZIKYRIAKOS and Georgios MOUCHTHIS in the final. France and Germany are third.


In Men’s Teams Class 7 Spain’s Jordi MORALES and Alvaro VALERA overcame Peter ROSENMEIER and Henrik Korndahl BRAMMER of Denmark in match for first place. Poland and Slovakia are third.


In Men’s Teams Class 8 Ukraines Viktor DIDUKH and Ivan MAI beat Aaron MC KIBBIN and Ross William WILSON of Great Britain in the match for gold. Poland and Sweden are third.


In Men’s Teams Class 9 Ukraine won another gold. Lev KATS and Maksym NIKOLENKO overcame Emil ANDERSSON and Daniel GUSTAFSSON of Sweden. Belgium and Hungary are third.


In Men’s Teams Class 10 Polands Patryk CHOJNOWSKI and Igor MISZTAL overcame Mateo BOHEAS and Gilles DE LA BOURDONNAYE in the final. Montenegro and Great Britain suffered defeats in the semis.


In Men’s Teams Class 11 France added another gold to the record. Lucas Edouard CREANGE and Antoine ZHAO overcame Florian HARTIG and Dirk HARTMANN in the ultimate stage. Previoussly they overcame Poland and Russia.


In Women’s Teams Classes 1-3 Croatia won gold, Turkey silver and Italy is third.


In Women’s Teams Classes 4-5 the final order is Serbia first, Sweden second and Great Britain third.


In Women’s Teams Classes 6-8 final Germany’s Stephanie GREBE and Juliane WOLF overcame Poland’s Dajana JASTRZEBSKA and Katarzyna MARSZAL. Norway and Russia are third.


In Women’s Teams Classes 9-10 Umran ERTIS and Merve DEMIR of Turkey beat Poland’s Natalia PARTYKA and Karolina PEK. Russia and Germany are third.


In Women’s Teams Class 11 Russia is first followed by Poland and France.


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