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Champions League Men - 17 May 2019

European Club Competitions entry deadline extended

ETTU Club Competitions entry deadline is extended until Friday 31st May 1200 CET


 We witnessed the outstanding season in the Champions Leagues. Both no. 2 seeds, Fakel-Gazprom Orenbrug and KTS Enea Siarka Tarnobrzeg, won the title in one of the most fantastic editions.


 Fakel-Gazprom won all its 12 matches during the season, facing two tough obstacles in the last two stages. It's the fifth crown in the history for the Fakel Gazprom club of Orenburg, after 2011/12, 2012/13, 2014/15 and 2016/17. Last year's winner Borussia Düsseldorf, record holder with 11 titles, was beaten by UMMC in an exciting semi-final.


Three out of four semi-finalists were ECLW champions (Dr. Casl, TTC Berlin Eatside and Linz AG Froschberg), but this time the trophy went to the former runner-up, Tarnobrzeg, bringing first ever ECLW crown to Poland. The team of Zbignew NECEK just lost one match, in the group stage.


The Spanish club UCAM Cartagena overcoming the French club of from CP Lyssois Lille Metropole in the Women ETTU Cup final.


French Team from Hennebont clinched their first ETTU Cup men title over previous winner Saarbrücken.


Starting with the upcoming season the ETTU Cup is renamed in Europe Cup.


2018-19 season: Participation of 94 clubs, 44 Women and 50 Men from 23 nations played altogether 1093 matches.


Registration for the 2019-2020 season are to be submitted to .


Click here to download all relevant forms




The draws for all European Club Competition will be held at the ETTU office in Luxembourg.


Europe Cup Women and Men: Friday 14th June 2019 start at 1030 CET


Table Tennis Champion League Men: Friday 14th June 2019 start 1300 CET


European Champions League Women: Saturday 15th June 2019 start 1200 CET


The draws will be live streamed.


Dates ECC 2019-2020


                  TTCLM                                 ECLW    


R1 11-13.09.2019   13-15.09.2019
R2 16-18.10.2019   21-22.10.2019
R3 30.10-01.11.2019   25-27.10.2019
R4 20-22.11.2019   01-03.11.2019
R5 04-06.12.2019   22-24.11.2019
R6 09-10.12.2019   06-08.12.2019
QF1 15-17.01.2020   10-12.01.2020
QF2 12-14.02.2020   14-16.02.2020
SF1 01-05.04.2020   03-05.04.2020
SF2 15-19.04.2020   17-19.04.2020
F1 06-10.05.2020   08-10.05.2020
F2 27-31.05.2020   29-31.05.2020


Europe Cup men and women


R1 14-15.09.2019
R2 12-13.10.2019
R3 01-03.11.2019 (leg 1)
R3 08-10.11.2019 (leg 2)
R4 06-08.12.2019 (leg 1)
R4 06-08.12.2019 (leg 2)
QF1 07-09.02.2020
QF2 14-16.02.2020
SF1 03-05.04.2020
SF2 17-19.04.2020
F1 08-10.05.2020
F2 29-31.05.2020



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