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5.000-years patience to meet with table tennis

Photo: Murat İlter - Masa Tenisi Dünyası

The Mount Nemrut National Park, which is located in Adıyaman & Malatya cities and which is among the UNESCO World Heritage List, has witnessed an historic table tennis activity in Turkey.


The match is played in front of the presence of King-God I. Antiochos and Mythologic Persian & Hellenic God sculptures and this game has took attention of numerous tourists at the same time.


The Holy God&Goddess sculptures seen as the bridge set between Western and Eastern civiliziations has finally met the olympic sport, table tennis after five thousands years!

This activity has also been recorded as "Table tennis activity ever played in the highest place", played by Malatya Credit&Dormitories Institution women table tennis team & city's U-15 teams in the Mount Nemrut which has 2.150 m altitude.


The activity which was held in front of the monument statue of Antiochus I of King of Commagene, which reigned in 3 thousand BC, also made history in the oldest historical area.


The mastermind of the activity, Mr. Orhan Altay said "We're really happy and proud to have such a different, original and unique event here, in Turkey. We love table tennis, we try our best to promote it and we can proudly say that this activity is just the beginning for our future ideas."

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