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2020 ITTF Challenge Series: dates and locations revealed!

Fourteen events in fourteen cities across the world: an exciting schedule is in store for the 2020 ITTF Challenge Series.

One of table tennis' fastest-growing competitions, the ITTF Challenge Series – which has already thrown up plenty of drama and had a positive impact on the game so far in 2019 – is set to get even better next year.

The 2020 schedule will see an even split of seven Challenge Plus and seven Challenge events, following this year's successful implementation of the two-tier system.

The Challenge Plus Series offers players higher world ranking points, increased prize money and, most importantly, greater exposure to elite table tennis competition, enabling them to raise their game and reach the next level in their careers.

Furthermore, the more flexible requirements of the ITTF Challenge Series allow a higher number of cities to get on board and stage an international table tennis event, as is evident from the 2020 Challenge Series schedule below:

Challenge Plus:
12-16 Feb 2020 (Dates to be confirmed), ITTF Challenge Plus Portugal Open, Lisbon
11-15 Mar 2020, ITTF Challenge Plus Oman Open, Muscat
3-7 Jun 2020, ITTF Challenge Plus Belarus Open, Minsk
18-22 Aug 2020, ITTF Challenge Plus Nigeria Open, Lagos
9-13 Sep 2020, ITTF Challenge Plus Pyongyang Open, Pyongyang
27-31 Oct 2020, ITTF Challenge Plus Belgium Open, De Haan
1-5 Dec 2020, ITTF Challenge Plus Canada Open, Vancouver

12-16 Feb 2020 (Dates to be confirmed), ITTF Challenge Spanish Open, Guadalajara
11-15 Mar 2020, ITTF Challenge Polish Open, Gliwice
1-5 Apr 2020, ITTF Challenge Italy Open, Riccione
22-26 Apr 2020, ITTF Challenge Slovenia Open, Otocec
28 Apr - 2 May 2020, ITTF Challenge Croatia Open, Zagreb
29 Apr - 3 May 2020, ITTF Challenge Thailand Open, Bangkok
9-13 Jun 2020, ITTF Challenge Mexico Open, Cancun

"Following a successful start, the Challenge Plus competition will grow to seven events next year, while we are also delighted to welcome Italy to the Challenge Series circuit for the very first time. Everything is set up for another series of exciting and unforgettable events," said Zena Sim, Head of World Cups & ITTF Challenge.

Followers are reminded that they can enjoy this year's ITTF Challenge Series live on the ITTF's official Twitter account @ittfworld.

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