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Development - 15 May 2019

2019 "Hua Xin Cup Belt and Road" Cup

Huangshi International Youth Table Tennis Invitational Tournament will be held from 25th to 27th June. The organisers, Huangshi Culture and Tourism Bureau, Huangshi Sports Development Center, Quanguan Sports Culture Industry (Beijing) Co. Ltd. as well as co-organisers Chinese Table Tennis Team Huangshi Training Base invites players and coaches to the tournament and to the pre-competition training camp. The camp commences on June 20th.


Location of the pre-competition training camp is Chinese Table Tennis Team Huangshi Training Base, whilst the tournament will be held in Hubei Huangshi Stadium.


There will be singles and teams events for players: 11 to 12 years old and 13 to 15 years old. To promote the world's youth table tennis sports and strengthen the exchange among table tennis youth athletes, this tournament specially sets the training camp before the competition;

During the 5-day training period, the organizing committee will invite senior Chinese table tennis coaches to serve as technical guides and assemble a team of excellent young table tennis coaches in China to provide training guidance for each participating team.



Each participating team must send the registration form to the event organizing committee to Email: before May 31, 2019; contact person: Wang Zhan (cell: 13911992533), Li Mei (cell 18601901224);




1) The Chinese youth team selected by the sponsor;

2)Youth team sent by the invited state/regional table tennis association

3)The youth team selected by the organiser

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