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Other Events - 3 Mar 2019

Kim Vermaas wins her first Women's Championship

Dutch National Championships 2019 in Zwolle


The new national champions of Netherlands in the Singles Events of 2019 are Rajko GOMMERS and Kim VERMAAS. They both defeated the leading names in Zwolle, for the seventh time in a row the location of this great tournament.


LI Jie was injured and not able to play in Zwolle, so Britt EERLAND was the number one of the ranking list in the Women's championship. It was not a surprise that EERLAND made it to the final, where she met Kim VERMAAS, the number two of the ranking list. Both internationals of the Dutch national team played a very attractive final game of the tournament. Kim VERMAAS won this match in a very close game: 4-3. VERMAAS is the national champion in the women's single championship for the first time in her career.


National champion of 2018 Ewout OOSTWOUDER had the chance to win the Men's championship again. The number one of the ranking list had to play against Rajko GOMMERS, just like OOSTWOUDER an international of the Dutch national team. OOSTWOUDER had to struggle on Saturday to reach the final and this Sunday, he was not able to beat his well-playing friend Rajko GOMMERS. The champion of 2017 defeated OOSTWOUDER with 4-2 and Gommers won back the title that he had lost in 2017.


Kim Vermaas and Rajko Gommers won last Saturday their third title in a row in the category mixed double. So both players won two prices this year, after their victory in the single´s tournament. The winning couple defeated Tanja Helle and Koen Hageraats with 3-1.


The experienced player Barry Wijers and Martin Khatchanov won the final of the Men´s doubles, and Melanie Bierdrager and Angelique Gertenbach won their first title in the Women´s doubles. Bierdrager and Gertenbach defeated Brenda Vonk and Tali Cohen and Brenda Vonk with 3-1 and Wijers and Khatchanov were better than Koen Hageraats and Nathan van der Lee. They won the final with 3-1 as well.

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