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Gold for Arturs REINHOLDS for a 3rd time in a row

Photo: Aksels AMBERGS

Latvian National Championships


Arturs REINHOLDS clinched third gold in Men’s Singles in the row at the Latvian National Championships. Natalija KLIMANOVA is the crowned champion in women’s Singles Event.


Men's Singles

1st place - Arturs REINHOLDS

2nd place - Olegs KARTUZOVS

3rd place - Dainis REINHOLDS

4th place - Leonids MASLOVS


Women's Singles

1st place - Natalija KLIMANOVA

2nd place - Inta ZDANOVSKA

3rd place - Sabina MUSAJEVA

4th place - Baiba BOGDANOVA



Men's Doubles

1st place - Arturs REINHOLDS, Leonids MASLOVS

2nd place - Janis CIRULIS, Andrejs CEMIRTANS

3rd place - Dainis REINHOLDS, Sandijs VASILJEVS

3rd place - Igors SIDOROVS, DanieLs KOGANS


Women's Doubles

1st place - Natalija KLIMANOVA, Ina JOZEPSONE

2nd place - Baiba BOGDANOVA, Inta KUDA

3rd place - Anzela OPINCANE, Margarita JUDINA

3rd place - Sabina MUSAJEVA, Diana AFANASJEVA


Mixed Doubles

1st place - Sandijs VASILJEVS, Inta ZDANOVSKA

2nd place - Viktors TOLKACEVS, Natalija KLIMANOVA

3rd place - Daniels KOGANS, Diana RUSINOVA

3rd place - Olegs KARTUZOVS, Sabina MUSAJEVA

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