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ETTU Cup Men - 22 Mar 2019

G.V. Hennebont joined FC Saarbrücken in the Final

Men’s ETTU Cup


G.V. Hennebont T.T will play against FC Saarbrücken Tischtennis in the final of the Men’s ETTU Cup. In the semi final they overcame Sporting Clube De Portugal in both legs. Tonight, much easier than in the opening leg, they succeeded in straight matches. In first encounter they prevailed by narow margin 3:2.


Liam PITCHFORD gave dream start with the victory over Joao MONTEIRO in four games, whilst Sheng Peng FAN had much harder task against Quadri ARUNA. However, after long distance thriller French club was in full speed. Cedric NUYTINCK overcame Diogo CARVALHO in straight games.



G.V. Hennebont T.T - Sporting Clube De Portugal 3:0

Liam PITCHFORD - Joao MONTEIRO 3:1 (11:7, 11:7, 7:11, 11:6)

Sheng Peng FAN - Quadri ARUNA 3:2 (7:11, 11:9, 9:11, 11:7, 11:2)

Cedric NUYTINCK - Diogo CARVALHO 3:0 (11:8, 12:10, 11:6)

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