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Member Associations - 3 Mar 2019

Can AKKUZU clinched his first senior title

French National Championships


Can AKKUZU and YUAN Jia Nan clinched the titles in Mans at the French Championships.

For Can AKKUZU this is first title. He beat Antoine HACHARD in the final:” I still can not believe it. I was down two games and 2:6, but I changed the pace of the game and recovered to win. I am in excelent shape.”

Men’s Singles
1. Can AKKUZU - Pontoise-Cergy
2. Antoine HACHARD - Caen
3. Tristan FLORE - Pontoise-Cergy
3. Jérémy PETIOT - Nice

Reigning French champion YUAN Jia Nan has won a fifth crown in singles in Mans.

Yuan Jia Nan: "I am very happy, it is a great pride for me to be able to win the French championships for the fifth time. I was a little under pressure, Marie played very well today and yesterday against Carole. I hope to be able to aim for a sixth title next year. "

Women’s Singles
1. Yuan Jia Nan - Poitiers
2. Marie Migot - Poitiers
3. Pauline Chasselin - Metz
3. Prithika Pavade - Saint-Denis
Men’s Doubles
1. Emmanuel Lebesson / Tristan Flore
2. Stéphane Ouaiche / Andréa Landrieu
3. Benjamin Brossier / Antoine Hachard
3. Alexandre Robinot / Joé Seyfried
Women’s Doubles
1. Carole Grundisch / Laura Gasnier
2. Yuan Jia Nan / Stéphanie Loeuillette
3. Pauline Chasselin / Audrey Zarif
3. Aurore Le Mansec / Laura Pfefer
Mixed Doubles
1. Emmanuel Lebesson / Carole Grundisch
2. Joé Seyfried / Stéphanie Loeuillette
3. Tristan Flore / Laura Gasnier
3. Victorien Le Guen / Laura Pfefer

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