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European Games - 17 Jun 2019

Bernadette SZOCS: “I am ready for the big fights”

Women’s Singles no. 1 speaks about upcoming 2019 European Games to be held in the Belarus city of Minsk from 21st to 30th June


Bernadette SZOCS of Romania will be top-seeded Women’s player at the 2019 European Games to be held in Minsk, Belarus, from 21st to 30th June. The 2018 winner and 2019 runner-up of European Top 16 is currently at the training camp in Romania, where both national teams have one week of preparation.


You are coming as number one in Minsk, how you feel about it?

"I am very happy that I am seeded number 1. Hard work pays off! I know it will not be easy because everyone one to beat me! But I am ready for the big fights!"


How was your season so far?

"My season was great so far. I am a little bit sad for the second place at the Europe Top 16, but this gave me a lesson, so I prepare even harder!"


Tell us something about previous tournaments, are you satisfied with the results?

"I am happy with my results, but I know I can be even better!"


What do you think about the competition in Minsk?

"Really, I think will be a great tournament and a good place for this European Games."


Who is most dangerous, most in form player?

"All the participants are very good players. So, I have to take all the matches from the start so serious, with good tactic and to be positive! I am not afraid of anybody! I am never afraid of anything and I am ready for the big fights!"


How hard is to keep with all traveling and tournaments, what is your safe zone? How you relax and “recharge”?

"It’s not easy to travel a lot! I am also tired, but I am prepared for this mentally and physically because it’s my job and I love what I do!"


Who gives you the most support?

"The biggest support is my family, my brother, boyfriend, my psychologist and my federation!"


Who do you call first when you win?

"First I call my boyfriend, my family and psychologist!"


You take good care of your look, do you seek for help from profi stylist, or you create your look by yourself?

"Everything I create by myself! I create my look how I feel and I like! I like to be me! I don’t need stylist."


How you find time to look good always?

"Always you can find time and a way for something what you really want and it’s important! Even if I don’t need to long!"


How do you spend your free time?

"I like to relax doing different things. For example: shootings (pictures, modelling), holidays , shopping, some other sports…"




Tennis Olympic Center, with a capacity of 1,000 seats, will host five table tennis events in Minsk, from 22nd to 29th June. A total 122 players will compete for the spot at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics: three medallists in the men's and women's singles events will secure their places, while the gold medallists in the men's and women's team events and mixed doubles event will get an Olympic quota. That’s why all best European players will travel to Minsk.




Top seeding list (best 16), Men:


1 Timo BOLL (Germany), 2 Matias FALCK (Sweden), 3 Dimitrij OVTCHAROV (Germany), 4 Liam PITCHFORD (England), 5 Vladimir SAMSONOV (Belarus), 6 Simon GAUZY (France), 7 Kristian KARLSSON (Sweden), 8 Daniel HABESOHN (Austria), 9 Emmanuel LEBESSON (France), 10 Jonathan GROTH (Denmark), 11 Marcos FREITAS (Portugal), 12 Tomislav PUCAR (Croatia), 13 Tiago APOLONIA (Portugal), 14 Cedric NUYTINCK (Belgium), 15 Darko JORGIC (Slovenia), 16 Alvaro ROBLES MARTINEZ (Spain).


Top seeding list (best 16), Women:


1 Bernadette SZOCS (Romania), 2 Sofia POLCANOVA (Austria), 3 Matilda EKHOLM (Sweden), 4 Petrissa SOLJA (Germany), 5 Elizabeta SAMARA (Romania), 6 Georgina POTA (Hungary), 7 LI Jie (Netherlands), 8 FU Yu (Portugal), 9 Britt EERLAND (Netherlands), 10 Margaryta PESOTSKA (Ukraine), 11 Barbora BALAZOVA (Slovakia), 12 Polina MIKHAILOVA (Russia), 13 HAN Ying (Germany), 14 LI Qian (Poland), 15 NI Xia Lian (Luxembourg), 16 Hana MATELOVA (Czech Republic).


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