Europe Top-16 Cup

Europe Top 16 Cup continues in the city of Montreux until 2023



We are pleased to inform you the ETTU Executive Board has awarded the 2021, 2022 and 2023 editions of the Europe Top 16 Cup, to be held in the city of Montreux, to Swiss Table Tennis.


President Ronald KRAMER is delighted to be witness of what may in future years become the birth of a great European table tennis tradition. He congratulates our Swiss table tennis friends with their enduring willingness since the 2018 edition to build an ever better event year by year. Of course, first for the players, but also for the enthusiastic audience the 'CCB Montreux Top-16' is attracting and for the viewers from all over the world.


 "We are definitely looking forward to what will be ETTU's most prestigious and amazing events in 2021 to 2023", KRAMER concludes.


We look forward to continuing our successful partnership to deliver a prestigious title event.


“Thank you very much for your confidence, we will try our best to improve this event year by year,” said Georg SILBERSCHMIDT Chef Leistungssport Swiss Table Tennis.