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Development - 16 Apr 2019

Six players selected in Luxembourg at the ETTU Hopes Selection Camp

7 – 14 April 2019 Luxembourg


The European Table Tennis Union Development Program has selected top 3 girls and 3 boys to take part in the ITTF World Hopes Week & Challenge 2019, but also in the final Eurotalents Selection Camp in Slovenia’s Otocec in October 2019.


Selected players are: Romania’s Mei Bianca ROSU, Greek Lemonia GAINTANTZI and Spain’s Maria BERZOSA in girls category. In boys category most successful players were Israel’s Uri ALMOR, Romania’s Luca OPREA and Belarus Nikon Shutov.


Evaluation team on dutu gathered CHEN Bin (China from CTTC), LIU Jia Yi (Singapore, CTTC), CHENG Xia (Luxembourg, CTTE-E), Martin Ostermann (Luxembourg, CTTC-E) and Neven CEGNAR (ETTU).


  1. Mei Rosu Bianca (ROU)             156 points 
  2. Gaintantzi Lemonia (GRE)        155 points
  3. Berzosa Maria (ESP)                 154 points 
  1. Sadikovic Enisa (LUX)                147 points
  2. Molnar Kendra (HUN)                 144 points                           
  3. Singeorzan Cristina (ROU)          142 points
  4. Scibraniova Magdalena (CZE)     140 points
  5. Santa Comba Maria (POR)          139 points


  1. Almor Uri  (ISR)                  164 points
  2. Oprea Luca  (ROU)                  161 points
  3. 3. Shutov Nikon (BLR)            159 points
  1. Lei Balazs  (HUN)                   155 points
  2.  Moravek Jindrich (CZE)           152 points
  3.  Moro Edgar (LUX)                  151 points
  4.  Abiodum Tiago (POR)             134 points
  5.  Olheiro Tiago (POR)                133 points










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