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Member Associations - 29 Sep 2018

Victor ANDREEV celebrates his 70th anniversary

Victor ANDREEV celebrates his 70th anniversary on September 30, 2018. He is the founder, Vice-president and head coach of the Orenburg TTC Fakel-Gazprom.


In the Russian table tennis history, there are many great personalities: talented coaches, creators and experts in table tennis centers. They are symbols of this beautiful sport. For many decades, these people have been sparing no effort, despite the emerging difficulties tried to use all opportunities for the development of their favorite sport. The most famous person in Russia is Victor ANDREEV from Orenburg.


ANDREEV is first international umpire in the Soviet Union and Russia. He represented the country in major international competitions for 20 years. Victor ANDREEV officiated as umpire at three World Championships and seven European Championships, many Open Championships of the European countries.


He was a member of the Executive Committee of the Russian table tennis Federation for three years. The high authority of Victor Andreev in our country and abroad contributed to his election as the Chairman of the Russian umpire Committee and a member of the ETTU umpire Committee.


Victor has many merits before Orenburg. Thousands of competitions were organized and held under his leadership. He organized and held six TT Championships of the Soviet Union and four Russian Championships, as well as the first tournament for the best Russian table tennis players – TOP-12. The level of organization of all sport events was very high. These competitions served as a powerful impetus to the development of table tennis in Orenburg. During this period, the foundation of the legendary team Fakel-Gazprom was laid.


Victor ANDREEV was the Chairman of the Orenburg Regional Federation from 1973 until 2004 (31 years!). The first table tennis departments were opened in sports schools in many cities of the Orenburg region. A good material base has been created in the Orenburg region.


The table tennis school was opened in the Sports Palace Gazovik in 1984. In 1997, Victor ANDREEV joined the elite international organization Swaythling Club thanks to his fanatical work to promote the beloved sport and great umpiring experience.


Victor started the new project after his umpiring career. He gathered professional table tennis players in the Sports Palace Gazovik in 2001. Under the leadership of Vice-President and head coach Victor ANDREEV, the Russian TTC Fakel-Gazprom entered the Russian and European elite and held leading positions for 17 years. Orenburg team won 6 European Cups and 12 Russian Cups: the Super Cup of Europe, ETTU Cup, the ECL winner (four times), Russian Champions (eight times) and Russian Cup winner (four times)! No team in our country has achieved such success in the Russian table tennis history.


The Russian Table Tennis Center was built in Orenburg thanks to ANDREEV'S initiative and the support of Gazprom. This unique sports facility started its work on April 2, 2013. Victor ANDREEV was appointed its head. He had a great organizational work. He managed to solve a very difficult task - to gather qualified coaches.


It has been 5 years. The Center raised many talented children during this time. Young table tennis players have already won 10 European medals.


It is very difficult to achieve such a high recognition in Russia and Europe for a person from the province. However, many people can envy Victor ANDREEV'S character and dedication. Victor sets himself high goals and persistently achieves their implementation throughout his life.


Today he has new projects, new ideas and new horizons. It is necessary to build sports boarding school for the Russian table tennis Center in Orenburg. Knowing Andreev, we can confidently assume that this time everything will be done at the highest level.


Yulia Khmelevskikh

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