The majority of delegates confirmed their confidence in the work of President KRAMER and the ETTU Vice Presidents

ETTU Ordinary Congress


One of the main subjects on Agenda of the ETTU Ordinary Congress held today in hotel Melia in Alicante during the LIEBHERR 2018 ITTF European Championships concerned the trust of Congress in current governing body. The majority of delegates confirmed their confidence in the progress made under the leadership of ETTU President Ronald KRAMER and the ETTU Executive Board.


At the beginning, ITTF President Thomas WEIKERT addressed the ETTU Congress. ITTF President had reminded the delegates that the table tennis World is trying to unify itself, and that we had great moments in sport with unified Korean team.


"I came here in ITTF Foundation Solidarity Through Table Tennis T-shirt in attempt to underline the core values of the sport. We have to keep our sport clear, fair, open and transparent," said WEIKERT, who added that those values are deeply respected by responsible sponsors such as LIEBHERR.


In light of those efforts ITTF President 'warned' the Congress: "Please stop your non- fruitful discussions. I am sad and deeply concerned, as your President from Europe, of current situation. If there is no stop of it, ITTF will have to deeply consider our Continental governing structure."


Both propositions of German and Danish Associations were accepted with majority of votes. The proposition of German Association accepts the President's report whilst Danish Association gives the full confidence in the President and Vice Presidents.



"On the basis of the results of the work of the ETTU Executive Board over the period 2013-2018, the Congress has full confidence in the President, the Vice President for Finances and all other Vice Presidents. They should continue their excellent work during the rest of the period for which they are elected, i.e. until 2020."



"The 2018 ETTU Ordinary Congress accepts the President's report (item 3 on the agenda of the 2018 Extraordinary Congress in Halmstad) as given by the Secretary General and confirmed by the President, regarding the details of the payments to the President from 2013 to 2017 in line with the budgets approved by the Congress and confirmed by the auditors and the Congress. "


New appointed Honorary Member of ETTU is Rudolf SPORRER (Austria).


ETTU Executive Board awarded three Badges of Honour to Rebecca BERGFELDT of (Sweden), Andre HARTMANN (Luxembourg) and Ferenc KARSAI (Hungary).


ETTU appointed the chairs for Committees: PARA TT Patrick RINGEL (France), Rankings Igor HELLER (Netherlands), Technical Oivind  ERIKSEN (Norway), Umpires and Referees Committee Isabelle BEUMIER (Belgium), Veterans Zdenko KRIZ (Slovakia), Youth Sandra DEATON (England).


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