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ETTU Cup Men - 21 Oct 2018

Cajasur Priego TM showed no mercy in ETTU Cup

Men's and Women's ETTU Cup


The second phase of the Men’s and Women’s ETTU Cup concluded today.


The two best ranked clubs from each group will proceed to the third stage, where in Men’s ETTU Cup Chartres ASTT, Istres Tennis de Table, Fortune Kyiv, STK Starr Varaždin, DeBoer Taverzo, TTC Sokah Hoboken, Fenerbahce Sport Club and Leka Enea Tenis de Mesa already awaits their adversaries.


In Group A in Spain, Cajasur Priego TM is unbeaten, whilst ASD Marcozzi Cagliari suffered only by their hands. In Group B in Spain, French Ping Pong Club Villeneuvois beat Turk Telekom Ankara Sport Club in the ultimate match to determinate who will go to the next phase from position one or two. In Group C SF SKK El Nino Praha beat all adversaries to reach the top position. Hosts, Borges Vall are second. In Group D SK Vydrany is at the top of the standings followed by Logis Auderghem TT.


In Women’s ETTU Cup 3rd Round to 8 seeds are: ALCL TT Grand-Quevilly, STK Aquaestil Duga Resa, CP Lyssois Lille Métropole, TMK-TAGMET Taganrog, TTC Villach, Fenerbahce Spor Kulubu, Tecnigen Linares, TTC Kazan.


After this weekend in Round three will also play the top clubs in Group A Hotel-Museo Patria Chica Priego TM and Sparvägen TTC. From Group B progressed Leka Enea Tenis de Mesa and A.S.D. Tennistavolo Norbello. In Group C Arteal Tenis de Mesa and DT Roodt – Syre were the most successful, followed by TT Moravsky Krumlov and TTV Lybrae Heerlen in Group D.


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