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Champions League Men - 8 May 2018

TTCLM final in numbers: SAMSONOV vs. Borussia 12:10


The 2017/18 TTCLM final Fakel Gazprom – Borussia Dusseldorf (13-18 May)


The 2017/18 Table Tennis Champions League Men final between reigning champion Fakel Gazprom Orenburg (no. 1 seed) and actual runner-up Borussia Dusseldorf (no. 2) will take place on May 13th in Germany and May 18th in Russia. These two teams already met three times in the ultimate chapter, as Russian side leads 2:1, thanks to last year`s victory. Some other TTCLM final figures you can see here:



61 final, since the founding of Europe Club of Champions (1960)

48 lowest ranked player (Stefan FEGERL) of all 6 starters at the ITTF WR

42 years, Vladimir SAMSONOV is the oldest 2017/18 finalist

20 final, just in TTCLM era

19 titles, won by German clubs, the most successful country

16 finals, Borussia Dusseldorf, record holder

12 titles, Vladimir SAMSONOV is the most decorated player

10 titles, Borussia Dusseldorf is the most decorated club ever

10 wins (0 defeats), Jun MIZUTANI`s score, the best one in 2017/18 TTCLM

5 titles, Timo BOLL (Borussia) and Dimitrij OVTCHAROV (Orenburg) each

4 titles, Fakel Gazprom in total and in last seven years

3 times, Orenburg and Borussia have met in the finals (German side leads 2:1)

2 ITTF WR, actual spot of Dimitrij OVTCHAROV, the best of all TTCLM finalists

1 ITTF WR, recently occupied by Timo BOLL and Dimitrij OVTCHAROV

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