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Member Associations - 16 May 2018

Tarnobrzeg continues its reign in Poland

Photo: Courtesy KTS Enea Siarka Tarnobrzeg

KTS Enea Siarka Tarnobrzeg won its 27th title in National League of Poland


KTS Enea Siarka Tarnobrzeg continues its dominancy in Polish National League, winning it 27th time. They beat twice in the final AZS UE Wroclaw, first time away 3:1, then 3:0 at home.


HAN Ying beat Natalia BAJOR 3:0 (11:2, 13:11, 11:5) in the opening game of the second leg. Viktoria PAVLOVICH was extended to full distance by GE Xinqi 3:2 (11:9, 11:7, 7:11, 8:11, 11:7), while Kinga STEFANSKA overcame Anna WEGRZYN 3:1 (11:7, 10:12, 11:2, 11:8).


Tarnobrzeg won first leg 3:1, thanks to Elizabeta SAMARA who took two points.

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