Sweden made two out of two in Belarus

Photo: ITTF

First stage of the ITTF-European Championships Teams


After success against Russia in the opening round of the first stage of the ITTF-European Championships Teams, in Groups A in Women’s Event, Sweden recorded another victory. Today, it was Belarus who suffered by the hands of the Swedes in Sports Center in Minsk in front of 400 spectators. In the first round Belarus beat Russia.


Matilda EKHOLM pushed guests into quick lead. She beat Nadezhda BOGDANOVA in straight games. LI Fen needed one more to overcame Viktoria PAVLOVICH, before Linda BERGSTROM sealed the match in the duel against Alina NIKITCHANKA.


The complete round is scheduled for tomorrow. Matches Belarus vs. Slovakia in Men’s A Groups, Lithuania vs. San Marino in Men’s B Groups as well as Spain vs. Czech Republic and Estonia vs. Denmark you will be able to watch on Livestream on laola


Belarus – Sweden 0:3

Nadezhda BOGDANOVA- Matilda EKHOLM (7:11, 6:11, 5:11)

Viktoria PAVLOVICH - LI Fen (6:11, 12:10, 7:11, 10:12)

Alina NIKITCHANKA – Linda BERGSTROM (8:11, 7:11, 7;11)



Men’s Event Groups A

17:00 CET      Russia - Luxembourg  3:0         

18:00 CET      Belarus -Slovakia 3:2

 18:30 CET     Turkey -Poland 0:3


Men’s Event Grouops B

12:00 CET      Montenegro -Estonia 2:3

 17:00 CET     Azerbaijan -Ireland 0:3

 17:00 CET     Lithuania -San Marino 3:0

 17:30 CET     Cyprus -Bulgaria 2:3

 18:00 CET     Norway -Israel 1:3

 18:30 CET     Italy -Kosovo 3:0

 19:30 CET     Bosnia and Herzegovina -Serbia 0:3

 20:00 CET     Scotland -Switzerland 1:3


Women’s Event Groups A

 14:00 CET     Azerbaijan -Luxembourg 0:3

 17:00 CET     Slovenia -Ukraine 0:3

 18:30 CET     Italy -Croatia 2:3

 19:00 CET     Spain -Czech Republic 1:3

 19:00 CET     Switzerland -Portugal 1:3


Women’s Event Groups B

 16:00 CET     Finland -Israel 1:3

 17:00 CET     Bosnia and Herzegovina -Slovakia 0:3

 17:30 CET     Estonia -Denmark 3:0

 18:00 CET     Scotland -Bulgaria 0:3

 18:00 CET     Norway -Greece 1:3


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