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World Championships - 1 May 2018

Romania is back on winning tracks

Photo: ITTF

LIEBHERR 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championships


After controversy defeat against Netherlands in Group C, Romania is back on winning tracks. European champions and no. 6 seeds, overcame Chinese Taipei, no. three seeds at the LIEBHERR 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championships. They proved once again, like so many times in past three days, that no favorites are safe in Halmstad.


Not only odds, but the way the results went, was against Romania. Against CHENG I-Ching, Elizabeta SAMARA was two games down before she recovered to win. Same story has been seen in the duel between CHEN Szu-Yu and Bernadette SZOCS. Whilst Daniela MONTEIRO DODEAN concluded her match in four games.


“We were so angry after the defeat against Netherlands. We came here as European champions with only one motive on our mind: to reach quarterfinal and to play for medal. Netherlands was one of the adversaries that we knew we had to beat in order to achieve our goal,” said SAMARA.


Before defeat against Netherland, Romania has beaten Czech Republic. Yesterday they overcame Poland as well. Triumph over Chinese Taipei brought them back in game for the top spot in the group, and secured the second place at least.


“It was very hard. I was two games down and I never have beat her before. Bernie was in the same position against CHEN Szu-Yu. It was very close, but we had to win. We did not have any other option but the victory,” said SAMARA.


In the match against Czech Republic Daniela twisted her ankle.


“She is all right now, thanks to our physiotherapist. He is doing magic,” said SAMARA.


Belarus overcame Commonwealth champions, team of India. It is their first victory after defeat against China, Russia and Sweden. Viktoria PAVLOVICH overcame Mouma DAS, Nadezhda BOGDANOVA prevailed against Manika BATRA and Daria TRIGOLOS beat Madhurika PATKAR.


“Those new balls made life so much easer for my adversaries. Now is much easier to play against players with defensing style. Everyone can beat us. New balls left us without our main weapon,” said PAVLOVICH.” Everyone talks here about young BATRA, but I think that our young girls also deserve attention. They are very good and they already proved it. We had few misfortunate defeats, but I think that our youngsters will have very good future.”


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