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World Championships - 3 May 2018

No more Europeans I the semi final of the Women’s Event

Photo: Rémy Gros ITTF

LIEBHERR 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championships


The quarterfinal encounters left Europe short of representatives in the penultimate stage of the Women’s Event at the LIEBHERR 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championships


China overcame another obstacle on their way to the throne. Austria failed to create any serious pressure on LIU Shiwen, CHEN Meng and WANG Manyu. All three matches, Sofia POLCANOVA, Amelie SOLJA and Karoline MISCHEK, lost in straight games.


CHEN Meng: “SOLJA plays a very unusual way of play. But I have seen this kind of play many years ago in China and I also played against her many years ago. I think she plays kind of traditional long rubber way. I was fully prepared for this match.”


Next in line to suffer against Asian representatives was Ukraine, although this time their adversary faced very rocky opening. Margaryta PESOTSKA forced Mima ITO to go full distance. They concluded the match in five games with narrow margin. However, when ITO emerged victoriously it become a one-way street for Japan. Kasumi ISHIKAWA prevailed against Tetyana BILENKO in straight matches, leaving her with only 12 points. Miu HIRANO overcame Ganna GAPONOVA.


ITO Mima:“I didn’t really think about the match points I missed against PESOTSKA. I was just thinking point after point. We practiced well against defensive players so we are looking to play well.”


Japan will meet unified team of North and South Korea tomorrow in the semi final.


Romania was halted on the ultimate hurdle to the medal rostrum. Hong Kong emerged successfully in their quarterfinal encounter. Elizabeta SAMARA won only a game against LEE Ho Ching, Bernadette SZOCS stretched DOO Hoi Kem to full five games but failed to secure the victory. Daniela MONTEIRO DODEAN suffered by the hands of SOO Minnie.



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