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Member Associations - 6 Mar 2018


Lithuanian National Championships


Three days of Lithuanian National Championships held in Lithuania capital Vilnius brought a lot of surprises. 


The winner of the Lithuanian National Table Tennis Championships for the first time became Medardas STANKEVICIUS (coachV. STANKEVICIUS) and Ingrida PRIEDZIUTE (coach VELICKA).


 PREIDZIUTE secured place in finals when winning against BASKUTYT─ľ in the semi-finals. In finals she met with fifteen years old RILISKYTE (coach. PRUSIENE), who after the persistent battle with the result 4:3 (11: 9, 12:10, 5:11, 8:11, 11:13 , 11: 6, 11: 9) had to recognize the advantage of the PREIDZIUTE.


In the quarterfinals, STUCKYTE, who was the favorite in women's competitions, suffered an injury in the third set and could not continue competitions, in this way sending BASKUTYTE to the semifinals.


Four times national champion Udra did not reach finals too. In the quarterfinals, after a very tense battle with the result 3: 4 (11: 5, 4:11, 11: 6, 11: 7, 7:11, 9:11, 9:11) he lost for Vilkas, who met in the semifinals with Stankevicius.


In the second half of semifinals, the audience was surprised by the player LESIV, who, with result 4: 2 (11: 7, 6:11, 11: 6, 8:11, 11: 8, 11: 8), beat one of the favorites Mikutis.


In the final duel, STANKEVICIUS beat LESIV with a score of 4:1 (11: 5, 11: 6, 11: 8, 10:12, 11: 7).


VENCKUTE with BASKUTYTE, in the final with result of 3:1, defeated RASIMAVICIENE with PREIDZIUTE, and became the winners of the women's doubles. The winners of the man doubles were brothers Arnoldas and Tonetas DOMEIKA, who defeated brothers Alfredas and Manfredas UDRA with the result 3:2. VENCKUTE and Medardas STANKEVICIUS became the winners in mixed doubles.


Champions and winners

Man Singles

Woman Singles

1. Medardas Stankevicius

1. Ingrida Preidziute

2. Rimas Lesiv

2. Kornelija Riliskyte

3. Matas Vilkas and Tomas Mikutis

3. Vitalija Venckute and Ugne Baskutyte


Man Doubles

Woman Doubles

Mixed Doubles

1. Arnoldas Domeika / Tonetas Domeika

1. Vitalija Venckute/ Ugne Baskutyte

1. Medardas Stankevicius / Vitalija Venckute

2. Alfredas Udra / Manfredas Udra

2. Aukse Rasimaviciene / Ingrida Preidziute

2. Tonetas Domeika / Egle Stuckyte

3. Agnius Kacerauskas / Medardas Stankevicius and 

Matas Vilkas / Matas Skucas

3. Egle Stuckyte / Emilija Riliskyte and

Kornelija Sciglaite / Egle Orlovaite

3. Alfredas Udra / Kornelija Riliskyte and 

Arnoldas Domeika / Aukse Rasimaviciene


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