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European Championships - 8 Mar 2018

Christina KALLBERG justified her status

Photo: Vladimir ZDANOVICH

BELGOSSTRAKH European Under 21 Championships


At the end of the first day’s competition in Women’s Singles Event at the 2018 BELGOSSTRAKH European Under 21 Championships in seven out of 12 Groups, leading players failed to justified their position.


Top ranked player in first stage, Lisa LUNG of Belgium progressed to next stage as no. one and after a little struggle and one defeat Andreea DRAGOMAN of Romania followed her, but in Group three no. three Karoline Mischek of Austria failed to progress further, even as no. two. Rebekka CARLSEN of Norway moved to next stage as no. one.


Valeria SCHERBATYKH of Russia also justified her status, but in Groups five, six and seven it was not the case. Tatiana KUKULOVA of Slovakia, accounted for ZHANG Xuan of Spain and moved to no. one position. Marketa SEVCIKOVA of Czech Republic also exceeded the expectation and moved from no. 4 to no. 1 position. Andrea PAVLOVIC of Croatia beat Veronica MOSCONI of Italy to take her spot.


“I was determined to be aggressive all the time and stay active. Everyone here plays on a high level. The first game was tough, but after that the things went fine. I noted that it was important not to play in the middle of the table, send long balls and attack as much as possible, “ said PAVLOVIC after the victory over Marie MAESEN of Belgium.


Anastasia KOLISH of Russia concluded the opening day unbeaten and that was expected.


“I have played with the girls from my group before, and I lost previously. In this tournament, even the fourth numbers are strong, so you have to fight through each match despite any rankings. My adversary played wide, and it was hard to adapt to,” said KOLISH.



Surprise came in further Groups with Orsolya FEHER from Hungary, Ozge YILMAZ of Turkey and Airi AVIMERI of Estonia. In last Group Christina KALLBERG of Sweden secured the leading position.


“I have troubles getting into the game today – it was in the first match and I struggled in last. It’s hard to maintain the rhythm. However, I was not very nervous during the match against SURJAN, because I knew that two participants of my group would be in. I had a strategy for this match to play left as my coach told me, but let it go in the last game,” said AVIMERI.



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