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Member Associations - 5 Mar 2018

CARVALHO and CHRAMKO are the champions in Portugal

Photo: Courtesy FPTM

Portuguese National Championships


Olga CHRAMKO and Diogo CARVALHO are the new Portuguese national champions for this season. Diogo CARVALHO won the second national title in a row, and third overall. For the 41-year-old Olga CHRMAKO is the second title.


CARVALHO won the final against the surprise player Nuno GONZAGA by 4-1, after beating in the semi-final Diogo CHEN. CHRAMKO needed seven sets to overcome Cátia MARTINS and reconquer the title won in 2016.


Men`s Singles

  1. Diogo CARVALHO
  2. Nuno GONZAGA
  3. Diogo CHEN / José FRANCISCO


Women`s Singles

  1. Olga CHRAMKO
  2. Cátia MARTINS
  3. Rita FINS / Joana MOTA


Men`s Doubles

  1. Vítor AMORIM / LI Tiago
  2. Rui ARAÚJO / Gonçalo BRANDÃO
  3. João NEVES / António MALHEIRO and Duarte COSTA / Hugo SANTOS


Women`s Doubles

  1. Vitória SANTOS / Leila OLIVEIRA
  2. Patrícia SANTOS / Inês MATOS
  3. Olga CHRAMKO / Mariana GONÇALVES and Liu YANGZI / Alexandra PISCO


Mixed Doubles

  1. David BESSA / Raquel ANDRADE
  2. José MAGALHÃES / Raquel MARTINS
  3. Vítor AMORIM / Mariana GONÇALVES and Gonçalo GOMES / Patrícia SANTOS


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