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Champions League Women - 19 Jun 2018

Historic season for Dr. Casl

Photo: Courtesy Dr. CASL

Croatian club won “Triple Crown”: Seamaster ECLW, Croatian Super League and domestic Cup


Croatian club Dr. Casl will never forget the 2017/18 table tennis season, as they go down in history by winning “Triple Crown”: Seamaster ECLW, Croatian Super League and domestic Cup. Something that most successful European club Borussia Dusseldorf has achieved in the men`s competition.


“For me personally this is the peak of my work in sport, winning all possible titles since I took the club 10 years ago: Seamaster ECLW, twice EU Super League, 10 times Croatian Super League (5 men`s and women`s each), two Croatian cups and Women`s Mediterranean Cup. It is worth mentioning that we were six times runner-up in total: three times in EU Super League, twice in Croatian Super League and once in Mediterranean Cup. Five years ago we won both national titles, men`s and women`s one, something that nobody succeeded in the past”, stated Dr. Casl`s President Martin-Tino CASL.


Martin-Tino CASL explained that he was aware that no. 1 seed of Seamaster ECLW, Tarnobrzeg will be the hardest obstacle on their way to the title.

“We have chose players able to beat Tarnobrzeg`s side. For these ten years in table tennis, people recognized what we do in the club. They know that I always keep my word. That`s most important thing in any job, as well as in the professional sport. I still have good relations with all famous players that played in my club”.


Musketeers` approach - “All for one and one for all” – was crucial for the successes, stressed Martin-Tino CASL.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t fulfill all my goals. Due to some misunderstandings with our Coach, something that is related with the upcoming season, we were forced to play without our two best players the final clash of EU Super League in Linz. Hence we lost it, in spite of our dominancy during the season. My aim was to win four titles and go down in history as unique club with that feat. But, we must be satisfied with the 2017/18 score, winning three out of four possible titles”.


Dr. Casl`s President explains that he was emotionally exhausted after all challenges during the season.

“I am still thinking on possibility to not defend Seamaster ECLW title next season. But, there is still a week to take final decision. As the title holder we will have our place in the league, regardless of our line-up. Currently we have just three players under the contracts: DURAK, SREBRENJAK and FAJMUT. Maybe we can sign some more players until the end of June…”


Dr. Casl has expected bigger financial support by domestic sport institution, as they are unique European champion in Croatian sport. If the City of Zagreb doesn’t recognize what Dr. Casl means to its sport image, there is no reason to continue in this way, just spending my own money, stated Martin-Tino CASL.

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