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European Youth Championships - 19 Jul 2018

France at the top of Europe in Cadet boys again

Photo: Rémy Gros

2018 STAG European Youth Championships


After 2015, the title in Cadet Boys Teams Event will return to France. French side beat Belgium in the ultimate stage of the 2018 STAG European Youth Championships in straight matches. Bronze medalists are Poland and Russia.


Myshaal SABHI started furiously, but Nicolas DEGROS managed to recover and to put French player under pressure. However, it did not last for long.


“I stayed focused. Did not want to change my tactics,” said Myshaal SABHI."We didn't play good all the time but we won the important points and we were focused during the important moments, especially for the final. It's a title that makes us really happy."


Fabio RAKOTOARIMANANA was self confident.


“We hope to win titles in singles as well. We are ready,” said RAKOTOARIMANANA.


On their way to the final top seeded team overcame Spain 3:1, Slovakia 3:1 and Russia by the same margin.


Belgium's RASSERFOSSE was sad:“I am so disappointed. We never entered this game properly. We were under great pressure. We were not confident but we knew that it was possible to win and we didn't make it. At this level and during this kind of game every team can win so I don't think they were better but they played better and we were not here mentaly ,” said Adrien RASSERFOSSE.


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