Euro-Asia All Stars Challenge

European stars with trio who made history in Zhangjiagang

The Asia – Europe Challenge will be broadcasted live at this Saturday and Sunday, 4th and 5th August, both days at 08:00 CET (14:00 local time)


The Asia – Europe Challenge will once again gather top stars from both Continents this Saturday and Sunday, 4th and 5th August in Nantong, the city located in Jiangsu province in eastern China. Both days will be broadcasted live at, starting at 08:00 CET (14:00 local time).


The last edition of the event that started in 2009 in Istanbul as the Asia-Europe All Stars Series, held two years ago in Dongguan in the south of China, has belonged to the host side 6:4. Only Vladimir SAMSONOV remains from that European team, but now he will be  teamed up again with Portugal`s Marcos FREITAS and Germany`s Bastian STEGER. They made history in Zhangjiagang three years ago, when Old Continent`s team won for the very first time on Asian soil (6:4). Members of that side, coached by Richard PRAUSE, were Austria`s Robert GARDOS and Croatia`s Andrej GACINA as well. 


Zhangjiagang`s heroes will be supported by two newcomers, Sweden`s Kristian KARLSSON and Denmark`s Jonathan GROTH. Players were invited according to May's World Rankings.


Since inaugural meeting, 2009 in Beijing, Europe won twice on its soil: in 2009 Istanbul (6:5) and 2012 Vendée (6:4). Overall prize money will be once again 100,000 € in total.


The cumulative result of the two days of competition determines the winner. In case of 5:5 result, eleventh match will be played, like in 2009 Istanbul (Vladimir SAMSONOV beat LI Ching 3:1 in the additional game, Europe won 6:5) and in 2010 Beijing (Jun MIZUTANI beat Jorgen PERSSON 3:2, Asia won 6:5)


Saturday 4th August


Koki NIWA vs. Vladimir SAMSONOV, CHUANG Chih-Yuan vs. Jonathan GROTH, WONG Chun Ting vs. Kristian KARLSSON, LEE Sangsu vs. Marcos FREITAS, ZHANG Jike vs. Bastian STEGER


Sunday 5th August


Koki NIWA vs. Bastian STEGER, ZHANG Jike vs. Jonathan GROTH, LEE Sangsu vs. Kristian KARLSSON, WONG Chun Ting vs. Marcos FREITAS, CHUANG Chih-Yuan vs. Vladimir SAMSONOV


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