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European Youth Championships - 20 Jul 2018

Emmanuel RACHEZ : We reached top level in right time

Photo: Rémy Gros

2018 STAG European Youth Championships


French boys showed no mercy in the final of the Cadet Teams Event at the 2018 STAG European Youth Championships. They accounted for Belgium in straight matches.


Coach Emmanuel RACHEZ spoke about the emotions that prevailed after victory in the final against Belgium.


“This is great satisfaction, especially because we made a good final. I said day earlier that we were looking to reach our top level, and we have found it at the best time. Myshaal SABHI has started well, before FabioRAKOTOARIMANANAbeats their number 1. I had a little fear for doubles, we missed opportunities in the first game but finally it ended well. We are very happy”.


Earlier they beat Russia last year’s champions, Slovakia and Spain.


“During the competition, I think we have mastered our subject well. That's what I asked to my players, to stay calm and serene, especially in the final. We knew it was the first final for the Belgians, they may have lack of experience. I knew that if it commenced bad for them, they would be under pressure quickly. I found our team very determined, it is a great satisfaction and it is also what made the difference.”


Fabio RAKOTOARIMANANA has raised his level?


“The level of Fabio’s play increased as the competition progressed. Against Russia, he gave us a very big match, today he beats the Belgian No. 1 ranked European No. 2 Adrien RASSENFOSSE. It's was a great performance of him, and he proved he can succeed in big fight. I insist on this point because for him it is not necessarily easy to express himself. He did it really well to put pressure on his opponent.”


Myshaal and Fabio’s character match well.


“Myshaal and Fabio are similar at one point: they both have a slightly introverted character. Myshaal has fanciful game and on the other side Fabio has a very good quality of ball which allows him to be well in the game with very efficient services. They managed to be very complementary.”


Coach Emmanuel RACHEZ praised the team that helps this success.


“I am very happy for medal because it is the reward for the work we done on each and single day. I would like to thank for this success to all the staff working with me all year long: Jérôme BAHUAUD, Dorin CALUS and Cristian DANCIU, our physical trainer. They are there every day to improve our youngsters and prepare them to play well later in seniors.”


Now, we moved to singles.


“We're took a little time to celebrate last night because it's not a trivial title, it always means something. We enjoyed it and now we arte ready for the new challenges.”



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